Creating a Classical Session for Herniated Discs


Description: Often clients come to Pilates because of an injury and although we all come out of our Training programs knowing the work, it's hard to be prepared for the reality of herniated discs. With our culture of sitting - we are about to see this condition more and more. In this video, you will learn how to apply the Classical work to a client with a disc herniation. Shot primarily around a new client with a lumbar herniated disc, many of the concepts are adaptable to disc herniations in other areas of the spine.

Instructor:   Jennifer DeLuca

Jennifer is a former professional dancer who began teaching Pilates in 1996. She was certified by one of the few rightful heirs to the work of Joseph H. Pilates, Romana Kryzanowska. She has taught Pilates classes and workshops throughout NYC and is the founder and owner of the esteemed BodyTonic Pilates Gymnasium (1999) located in Park Slope, Brooklyn where she teaches private clients and apprentices. Jennifer, BodyTonic, and her work have been featured in Allure, The Washington Post, Glamour, TimeOutNY, Self, Pilates Style, The New York Times, and Body Plus Magazine (Japan.) She is also the author of "Pilates for Wimps-Total Fitness for the Partially Motivated.", (Sterling, 2005) and has been a featured Health and Fitness expert for HGTV.
Jennifer enjoys empowering her clients by helping to demystify their bodies and by giving them the information for transformation. She believes that Pilates is one of the most intelligent, engaging, efficient and fun ways to exercise and a great vehicle for learning about the body while developing strength and agility.
A native New Yorker, Jennifer grew out of New York City's High School of the Performing Arts Dance Department and went on to New York University's, Gallatin Division. A home for highly motivated individual thinkers, Gallatin is known as NYU's "University Without Walls." Jennifer graduated in 1990 with a BA, cum laude combining studies in classic texts, dance education, psychology and sociology.