All Levels Reformer Pack

(4-Video Bundle)
This bundle includes 4 workshops, crafted to assist you in providing Classical reformer progressions to your clients from the Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced to Super Advanced exercise levels.

Pilates :: Power Pilates
Instructor: Bob Liekens, Lesly Levy, Marcia Hagemann, Patty Geiger
4-Video Bundle
Leaders CEU's: 5.50
Continuing Education Credits:
Leaders in Fitness - 5.50 | Power Pilates - 5.50

Beginner Reformer Review

The Beginner System is the cornerstone of classical Pilates. Every student of the method, regardless of previous fitness experience, will start with the Beginner System. Beginner Reformer Review is broken down into two parts. The first part is a review of the exercises in Beginner Reformer and the second part will be a fluid Beginner Reformer workout. Use the first section to review technique as well as queuing and the second section to experience the flow of a workout taught by using the Beginner System formula.

Pilates :: Power Pilates
Instructor: Patty Geiger
Leaders CEU's: 1.00
Continuing Education Credits:
Leaders in Fitness - 1.00 | Power Pilates - 1.00