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Bodiphy Basics

Don't let the name fool you, this will be a challenging full body workout using no equipment, so there are no excuses, you can do this workout anywhere. This workout will also challenge your cardiovascular system, so you will sweat.

Pilates, Core :: 21:28

Instructor: Phyl London

Bodiphy Length

Is designed to focus on deep core underutilized muscles to lengthen and strengthen the entire body. Based on the philosophy of taking your weakest layer and making it your strongest, this class will challenge you through a series of endurance core moves that incorporate 6 foot resistance bands. The band resistance will provide that "push/pull" sensation

Pilates, Core :: 27:00

Instructor: Phyl London

Bodiphy Define

A 55 min at home Strength Workout specifically uses creative exercises, that are effectice to focus on your alignment and challenge your balance and core strength. Bodiphy Define will naturally increase your heart rate and release endorphins that will make you feel great.

Pilates, Core :: 43:07

Instructor: Phyl London

Bodiphy Balance

This workout will challenge balance, coordination and core using the smartbell. The smartbell is designed to activate the core and with Bodiphy's creative and fluid movements it will challenge the entire body.

Pilates, Core :: 27:29

Instructor: Phyl London

Bodiphy Sculpt

This will be a challenging full body workout using Mini Bars by Body Bar. The made 2lb bars for the video and will make 2 lb bars customer order for consumers. I will recommend 2lbs for beginners and 4lbs for those who are intermediate to advanced. Body Bar will give a discount for through the end of the year.

Pilates, Core :: 27:55

Instructor: Phyl London