Category: Tone

Vbarre Absculpt

Chisel your middle and flatten your belly with Vbarre AbSculpt. This workout targets the core with Pilates inspired exercises that hit the abdominals from every angle leaving you looking long and lean.

Vbarre, Core, Chisel, Tone, Abs, Sculpt, Barre, Ballet :: 16:41

Instructor: Veronica Combs

Tonificacion Total y Balance

Power Pilates en la Colchoneta con Círculo Mágico nivel Intermedio.

Tone, balance, abdominals, Magic Circle, control, Pilates :: 23:00

Instructor: Virginia Acosta

Core Challenge 2

Building upon your strength from the Core Challenge 1 workout we'll focus on intermediate core exercises developed by the founder of the Pilates method. This workout will help enhance your variations all the while challenging the stability of your core.

Pilates, Core, Abs, Tone, Strength :: 38:16

Instructor: Lisa Hunsaker

Core Challenge 1

This effective ab-sculpting workout is designed to strengthen your core region, and provide you with an overall full body challenge. This workout focuses on beginner core exercises developed by the founder of the Pilates method. If you are looking to lose belly fat and sculpt your 6-pack, this workout is for you.

Pilates, Core, Abs, Tone :: 27:28

Instructor: Beth Buckingham

Booty Bootcamp

Booty Bootcamp is focused on lifting your booty to new heights! This high-energy, booty-lifting class will keep you engaged, entertained, and having THE booty everyone will envy. Tone, tighten & twerk your way to a sexy fit body with Pro NFL & NBA Cheerleader, Saida Leekong.

Tone, Sculpt, Dance :: 33:15

Instructor: Saida Leekong