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20 Minute Core Matters Workout

The 20-minute Core Matters Workout is designed to stabilize, strengthen, and firm your entire core region, including the abdomen, obliques, hips, back and shoulders. By focusing on proper technique and posture, the 20-minute Core Matters Workout generates results for people of all fitness levels and body types. It is the perfect supplement to your regular

Core :: 23:46

Instructor: Sara Dimmick

Central Park Total Body Workout

The Central Park Total Body Workout, created by Physical Equilibrium's founder and head personal trainer, Sara Dimmick, is based on their most popular class held in New York's Central Park during the spring, summer, and fall seasons. It is a intermediate level, total body strength and conditioning workout that runs 35 minutes. Exercises were chosen

Strength, Total Body :: 37:00

Instructor: Sara Dimmick

Strength Training for Runners

Physical Equilibrium's Sara Dimmick created the video Strength Training for Runners. As an experienced runner and triathlete, Sara knows firsthand that endurance athletes require a balance of core conditioning and strength training to maximize output and prevent against injury and chronic pain. This approach generates a total-body stability, increased

Strength :: 57:00

Instructor: Sara Dimmick