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Flow & Go with Weights

Join Stephanie West for a "Flow and Go" workout. The addition of weights will increase the intensity to your core - have fun and "kick it up a notch" in this energetic and flowing intermediate workout.

Pilates, Core :: 23:19

Instructor: Stephanie West

Intro Mat Workout

Join Stephanie West for a Introduction to Power Pilates Mat. New to our method? Then this beginner level workout is perfect for you. This fun and friendly workout is safe yet effective - you'll be inspired by the Power Pilates method as soon as you complete your first "hundred".

Pilates, Core :: 23:21

Instructor: Stephanie West

Beginner Mat Workout

This class uses the classical Pilates mat exercises for a fun, challenging and effective workout. You'll sculpt a strong, long, and lean body. This class is great for all levels, with modifications for beginners or any injuries, and an intense and fast pace for those with more experience.

Pilates, Core, Tone :: 23:00

Instructor: Stephanie West

Intermediate Mat Workout

Get ready to take your practice to the next level with this Intermediate Pilates Mat workout. This workout builds on the exercises performed in the previous level. At this level rhythm, precision and timing are also of significant focus.

Pilates, Core, Tone :: 25:35

Instructor: Stephanie West

Advanced Mat Workout

Take what you have learned from Intermediate Mat and raise the bar even higher. Here you'll find some of the most ambitious exercises in the Pilates method. At this stage it's all about challenging your body, working your flow and maintaining your precision with serious focus.

Pilates, Core, Tone :: 32:53

Instructor: Stephanie West