Instructor: Leslee Bender

Bender Ball Pilates

This course is specifically designed to utilize small equipment to safely simulate Pilates apparatus for all levels of students. These Pilates exercises are functionally designed to lengthen and strengthen the body vertically rather than supine which translates to all other activities. You will walk away with all the strategies and techniques to incorporate the program into any class either virtually or in person. Experience and learn how misalignment can cause injuries and dysfunctions and how to correct them. Understand how many classical exercises do not translate to today's society and how to tweak them for a functional approach. Learn how to coach, cue and connect to the purpose of each and exercise where science meets function.

Pilates :: Bender Training
Instructor: Leslee Bender
Leaders CEU's: 1.50
Continuing Education Credits:
Leaders in Fitness - 1.50